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Wear life and accuracy performance of INA bearings

wallpapers Products 2020-12-15
The speed of the INA bearing is mainly limited by the temperature rise caused by the internal friction heating of the INA bearing. When the speed exceeds a certain limit, the INA bearing will not continue to rotate due to burns. The limit speed of the INA bearing is the limit value of continuous rotation, without friction and heat, otherwise, it will cause burns.
Therefore, measures to control deformation are proposed, such as spin quenching, mould quenching, and controlling the way the parts enter the oil to evaporate the potential of the material; on the other hand, the automation level and stability of the heat treatment are improved, and the stability of the optimized process is fully ensured, And achieved the product quality dispersion target is very small (or zero), and carried out special carbonitriding and quenching to increase the surface retained austenite content, improve the surface stress state, and greatly improve the carbon-nitrogen of the gearbox Co-osmosis without reducing the appearance. Based on hardness, grinding technology, line measurement technology, fault diagnosis technology, increase the content of retained austenite, deformation should be studied in combination with specific equipment and products.
The limit speed of the INA bearing depends on various factors, such as the type, size and accuracy of the INA bearing, the lubrication method, the quality and quantity of the lubricant, the material and type of the cage, and the load conditions. Each INA bearing size table lists the limit speeds of various INA bearings that use grease lubrication and oil lubrication (oil bath lubrication). This value indicates that the standard design of INA bearings is the limit value when the speed is reduced under general load conditions (C / P> = 13, Fa / Fr <= about 0.25). In addition, depending on its type and brand, lubricants may be superior to other properties but are not suitable for high-speed rotation.
The quenched structure of INA bearing steel consists of quenched martensite, a small amount of undissolved secondary carbides and about 12% to 14% of retained austenite. Quenched martensite and retained austenite are unstable structures. The decomposition of martensite during tempering causes the volume of steel to shrink, while the decomposition of retained austenite causes the volume of steel to expand.
 As the tempering temperature increases, the amount of transformation and decomposition of retained austenite will increase. Under the condition of ensuring the required hardness of the process, the tempering temperature should be appropriately increased to decompose the residual austenite and transform it into martensite with a larger specific volume. This organization can correspondingly increase the volume of the workpiece, that is, increase the amount of outer diameter grinding. This method can save INA bearing ring parts that become waste under normal grinding conditions.

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