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Basic knowledge of water-based zinc stearate

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Overview of water-based zinc stearate
The aqueous emulsion of zinc stearate is called water-based zinc stearate. Water-based zinc stearate is a milky white dispersion, which is easily dispersed in water and has a smooth feel. Zinc stearate emulsion has ultra-fine lubricating properties, easy to disperse in water-based coatings, easy to sand, fast drying, easy to defoam, and good thermal denaturation. It has a wide range of applications and can be used as a release agent, color retention agent, lubricant, release agent, etc.
Market situation of water-based zinc stearate
Water-based zinc stearate has great potential in the domestic market. 90% of the domestic water-based zinc stearate is imported from Japan and Germany. The price is high and the quality is good. The quality of water-based zinc stearate produced by domestic manufacturers is too poor to sell. In order to break this situation, Henan Huier Nano Technology Co., Ltd. formally established a water-based zinc stearate research team in March 2010, and conducted thousands of experiments, and the experiment was successful in November 2010. Compared with the products of Japan and Germany, all indexes of the water-based zinc stearate made are not lower than those of foreign products, and some indexes even exceed them.
The annual domestic consumption of water-based zinc stearate is about 30,000 tons, and the market potential is about 200,000 tons or even higher.
Application range of water-based zinc stearate
Water-based zinc stearate has a wide range of applications, including rubber, plastics, coatings, inks, paints, thermal paper, cosmetics and other industries.
1. Application in rubber industry: release agent, release agent, active agent, etc.
2. Application in the plastics industry: internal release agent
3. Application in the coating industry: color retention agent, filler, etc.
4. Application in paint industry: grinding aid
5. Application in the cosmetics industry: lubricants
There are also applications in the coating industry, as well as the sandpaper industry.
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