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Advanced functional materials: a portable monitor for trace uranyl based on electrochemiluminescence Technology

wallpapers News 2020-10-01
With the development of nuclear energy nuclear science technology

are widely used in medical industrial agricultural scientific research other fields. In the current energy structure nuclear power plays an important role. At present nuclear power accounts for about 10% of the total installed capacity total power generation in the world. Uranium (U) is a major nuclear fuel. As a radioactive heavy metal element u mainly destroys bones circulatory system urinary system. At present the problem of depleted uranium pollution has also aroused worldwide concern. In the past few decades more than one billion tons of depleted uranium slag weapons have been aboned with a half-life of 4.5 billion years toxicity which seriously threaten the health of residents in relevant areas. As uranyl ion (UO22 ) is the most stable form of u in the environment who relevant governments have issued a series of regulations to strictly limit the content of UO22 in the environment. For example who clearly stipulates that the content of UO22 in drinking water should not exceed 1 ppb. This puts forward high requirements for the real-time field monitoring of UO22 in the environment. Although the method is bulky expensive it is not suitable for field work. Therefore it is of great significance to develop specific high-sensitivity UO22 monitoring methods portable instrument systems to realize real-time accurate monitoring of UO22 in the environment.

based on the above requirements huadaoben team of School of radiation medicine protection of Soochow University Xu Jingjuan team of School of chemistry chemical engineering of Nanjing University synthesized AIE active conjugated polymer by Suzuki coupling reaction using two aggregation induced luminescence (AIE) active monomers tetrastyrene β - diketone derivatives. After coating PSMA to make pdots ssDNA was modified on the surface to make electroactive polymer targeting UO22 Chemiluminescence (ECL) probe. The detection limit of the probe for UO22 is as low as 10.6 PM / 2.5 PPT which is two orders of magnitude lower than that of the existing UO22 luminescent materials it shows good selectivity for UO22 . The detection system was further applied to the detection of natural water samples. The content of UO22 in actual water samples from Bohai (Tianjin) Luoma Lake (Xuzhou) Dushu Lake (Suzhou) Qiao Lake (Hangzhou) was determined respectively. The results were very close to those of ICP-MS stipulated by who which proved the practical application prospect of this new detection method. Compared with ICP-MS ECL detection system has the advantages of low cost portability which is more conducive to environmental monitoring in the field. At the same time the ECL phenomenon of UO22 ions in the anode region was found for the first time the emission mechanism was clarified which laid a theoretical foundation for the follow-up research. The researchers believe that this research will provide a new idea method for the trace monitoring of radioactive substances in the environment the portable ECL detection system will also play a positive role in the real-time on-site supervision of environment energy. This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China the collaborative innovation center of radiation medicine in Jiangsu Universities the State Key Laboratory of radiation medicine radiation protection of Suzhou University the State Key Laboratory of life analytical chemistry of Nanjing University
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