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Advanced functional materials: energy utilization of SO2 rechargeable na-so2 battery

wallpapers News 2020-11-27
"Spgkds" "spgkds" are facing serious challenges in the development of modern society. Facing the dem of large-scale energy storage new energy electric vehicle energy storage the development of new energy storage technology the improvement of energy saving emission reduction energy utilization efficiency are the current research hotspot difficulty. Metal gas battery (MGC) has been widely concerned in recent ten years due to its advantages of high theoretical energy density low cost due to its active metal as anode gas as its active component. It is an important charm of this new battery system to design the battery by using the flexible chemical reaction characteristics of gas. In addition to the most common oxygen as the working gas in recent years new batteries with CO2 N2 NOx SO2 as the working gas have been invented. The development of new gas batteries not only enriches the field of energy storage batteries but also accelerates the recycling of corresponding gases provides new ideas for the energy utilization of greenhouse gases / polluting gases.

the team of Associate Professor Liu Xizheng of Tianjin University of technology focuses on this field has made new progress in the development of na-so2 battery. In na-so2 battery in addition to the common problems of low catalytic efficiency of positive electrode insufficient contact between gas / product active site in metal gas battery SO2 gas has strong acidity which is easy to diffuse to metal negative electrode through electrolyte in gas battery causing serious corrosion seriously damaging battery life. In view of the above specific problems graphene based electrode materials with three-dimensional porous Ru nanoparticles were designed na-so2 battery was constructed by combining ether based electrolyte added with ethylenediamine metal sodium anode. The three-dimensional porous structure in the electrode material promotes the interface contact between the reaction gas electrode electrolyte improves the adsorption performance rapid conversion ability of SO2 on the electrode surface; the ethylenediamine additive in the electrolyte can coordinate with the acidic SO2 gas in the electrolyte to a certain extent so as to promote the dissolution of other electrolytes improve the electrode surface concentration. In addition ethylenediamine can significantly reduce the concentration of SO2 The corrosion of alkali metal anode by SO2 in low electrolyte. The developed battery can stably cycle for more than 1600 hours. The charge discharge mechanism of the battery shows that SO2 is reduced on the electrode surface to form Na2S2O4 during the discharge process the decomposition reaction occurs during the charging process to regenerate SO2 gas thus realizing its reversible fixation release. The na-so2 battery developed in this research work provides a new idea for SO2 gas fixation new battery development.

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