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Advanced functional materials: preparation of stretchable, translucent and durable superhydrophobic flexible films

wallpapers News 2020-08-31

superhydrophobic surface also known as "lotus leaf effect" has broad application prospects in the fields of self-cleaning anti icing anti-corrosion biosensor microfluidic due to its unique properties. With the continuous rise of wearable devices flexible materials flexible optoelectronic devices in recent years the flexible functional antifouling waterproof substrate with stretch flexure has gradually attracted people's attention; at the same time with a broader application scene the dem for superhydrophobic flexible substrate is increasing. However on the one h the flexible superhydrophobic surface is still faced with the traditional superhydrophobic problems such as wear resistance stability; on the other h the flexible superhydrophobic film needs to maintain certain hydrophobic properties in different mechanical deformation processes. The improvement development of hydrophobicity durability optical transparency become the key to the further popularization wide application of superhydrophobic flexible films in optoelectronic devices human-computer interaction interface other fields. In addition the project of "spkd1" is proposed to characterize the hydrophobic semi transparent environment-friendly properties of spkds. The potential applications of the film as a protective film for human-computer interface touch screen waterproof layer for umbrellas are also demonstrated. The superhydrophobic film also shows excellent stability in spaper grinding positive pressure test. For example after multiple cycles of 1MPa positive pressure automobile rolling periodic spaper grinding the relatively stable non wetting surface properties can be maintained. However when the film is stretched up to 125% the flexible film still has excellent hydrophobicity due to its unique dense layered microfibril array. After 500 cycles of tensile testing the superhydrophobic surface properties did not deteriorate significantly. Compared with some reported flexible superhydrophobic films this work shows some advantages in preparation method stable performance. In recent years

superhydrophobic flexible films prepared by photolithography in-situ growth electrospinning have shown excellent properties but they often need to go through complex micro nano processing process have high preparation cost. In contrast the cost of this "two-step" preparation of a single 5 cm × 5 cm superhydrophobic film is about US $0.56 the equipment involved is also a regular equipment in the laboratory. Based on this the researchers believe that this research will provide ideas for large-scale practical production of superhydrophobic flexible films.

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