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Advanced materials: "poly" Yingxue "and" super "unconventional

wallpapers News 2020-11-28

supramolecular assembly technology refers to the spontaneous assembly of small molecules into ordered complex systems through non covalent bond driving. In the biological system there are various binding events all the time such as enzyme substrate antibody antigen nerve receptor nerve conduction so on. These binding events often occur spontaneously based on supramolecular interaction they are also the key to promote the occurrence of most biological processes. In the process of supramolecular assembly the reactions are generally controlled by thermodynamics. These spontaneous aggregation processes are reversible stimulus responsive. Therefore smart composite systems constructed by supramolecular assembly often have unique intelligent response characteristics. At the same time supramolecular assembly technology has injected new vitality into the construction of new multi-functional integrated materials for diagnosis treatment. In gene therapy (gene therapy) photothermal therapy (PTT) photodynamic therapy (photodynamic therapy) Nowadays with the rapid development of new cancer treatment methods such as PDT nano diagnostic therapeutic drugs constructed by supramolecular assembly technology combined with new diagnostic technology have the characteristics of integrated diagnosis treatment excellent drug safety stability tumor microenvironment stimulation response excellent diagnostic therapeutic effect which play a vital role in the development of diagnosis treatment of many complex diseases including cancer have also greatly improved Promote the progress of multi-functional cancer diagnosis treatment integration system.

fluorescence imaging technology has the characteristics of simple operation rapid imaging high sensitivity non-invasive but the traditional fluorescence molecules often have the characteristics of aggregation quenching which greatly limits its application in the field of biological imaging. In 2001 academician Tang benzhong of Hong Kong University of science technology discovered proposed the phenomenon concept of aggregation induced emission (AIE). Over the past 20 years AIE molecules with different imaging characteristics different functions have been reported one after another. They show enhanced fluorescence in the aggregation state often have excellent phototherapy properties at the same time. They have been widely used in PDT PTT. By combining the imaging therapeutic characteristics of AIE with supramolecular technology an intelligent nano diagnosis treatment system with tumor microenvironment stimulation response can be constructed which can not only realize the visualization of cancer treatment but also achieve the purpose of drug controlled release monitoring curative effect regulation.

figure 1: strategies for constructing AIE nano diagnostic materials by supramolecular assembly: AIE fluorescent molecular self-assembly (including molecular lig metal coordination amphiphilic small molecule self-assembly AIE polymer self-assembly) AIE molecule coated by supramolecular assembly carrier (using DSPE-PEG F127 other biocompatible amphiphilic molecules to construct supramolecular nano carrier to load AIE molecule) host guest of macrocyclic molecule Supramolecular assembly driven by the interaction between host guest (using the unique cavity structure of macrocyclic molecules to construct AIE supramolecular nanomaterials).

recently the AIE research center of Shenzhen University published a review article entitled "nanomaterials with supramolecular assembly based on AIE luminogens for theranostic applications" (DOI: 10.1002 / ADMA. 202004208). In this paper the author summarizes the latest research progress of supramolecular assembly combined with AIE to construct nano diagnosis treatment systems analyzes compares the construction strategies diagnosis treatment effects of these systems in detail prospects their application advantages broad development prospects in the field of disease diagnosis treatment. In this paper we propose that the supramolecular assembly strategies for the construction of nano therapeutic materials with AIE characteristics mainly include the self-assembly of AIE fluorescent molecules the encapsulation of functional AIE molecules by biocompatible supramolecular assembly the supramolecular assembly driven by the host guest recognition of macrocyclic molecules. Their material properties diagnostic therapeutic properties have the properties advantages of supramolecular assembly materials AIE functional molecules so they can achieve fluorescence enhanced tumor imaging chemotherapy / PDT / PTT combined therapy controllable diagnosis treatment based on supramolecular assembly disassembly. Aie supramolecular assembly system can not only improve the fluorescence imaging effect tumor inhibition effect through the precise design of assembly molecules but also make its stimulation response reversibility become a reality. However there are still many challenges great research potential in the current AIE supramolecular assembly diagnosis treatment system. The future research directions mainly focus on the design construction of AIE molecule the in-depth study of the supramolecular assembly disassembly mechanism the supramolecular response to regulate the diagnosis treatment effect. Finally we believe that this paper will provide new ideas for the research of disease diagnosis treatment provide valuable reference for the construction of supramolecular assembly nanomaterials the application development of AIE functional molecules. The first author of

is Dr. Song Nan of AIE research center of Shenzhen University the corresponding author is academician Tang benzhong of Hong Kong University of science technology Associate Professor Wang Dong of AIE research center of Shenzhen University.

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