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Compared With Metal Bearings, What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ceramic Bearings

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The shape of the ceramic bearings are similar, but the size and material are different, thus forming different ceramic bearings. The advantages and disadvantages of different ceramic bearings are also various. As an essential mechanical essential part, ceramic bearings, because of its excellent performance unmatched by metal bearings, high-temperature resistance, super strength, etc. take the lead in the new material world.


1. It is not afraid of corrosion, so ceramic rolling bearings are suitable for operation under harsh conditions covered with corrosive medias.

2. Because the density of ceramic roller balls is lower than steel and weight is much lighter, the centrifugal effect of the outer rings during rotation can be reduced by 40%, and the service life is greatly longer.

Ceramics are less affected by the thermal expansion and contraction than steel, so when the clearance of the bearing is fixed, the bearing can be allowed to work in an environment where the temperature difference changes more drastically.

4. Because the modulus of elasticity of ceramics is higher than steel, it is not easy to deform when stressed, so it is helpful to increase the working speed and achieve higher accuracy.


First of all, the cost is high, and it must be done with skilled labor in a clean environment.

The second difficulty is that the requirements of the processing method are high, including overcoming the temperature gradient in the green body, uniformly applying pressure in a larger volume, and the resulting machine cost requires a slower sintering process.

After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic bearings, why do ceramic bearings replace metal bearings?

First, ceramic bearings are more rigid than metal bearings, ceramic materials have a higher modulus of elasticity, and their rigidity is 15-20% greater than ordinary steel bearings.

Secondly, ceramic bearings are more resistant to corrosion than metal bearings. Because of the different materials, the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of ceramic bearings are more excellent than metal bearings. Therefore, ceramic bearings gradually replaced metal bearings.

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