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Iron Nanoparticles Properties and application

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Nano Fe powders are metal particles and come in the size range of 10-100 nm(approx.) Iron is represented by the symbol 'Fe' and is found in nature in three forms i.e. alpha, beta, and gamma. Iron nanoparticles show excellent reactivity with oxygen and water as compare to bulk iron. Iron Nanoparticles are also available in Ultra high purity and high purity, coated, dispersed, or functionalized (-COOH or-OH) forms They are non-toxic in nature. Iron nanoparticles readily form oxides. Fe nanoparticles possess high magnetic nature, high surface area, electrical and thermal conductivity. They also have excellent dimensional stability.
Iron Nanoparticles Properties
Chemical Symbol         Fe
Molecular weight          55.847
Melting point                1,538°c (2800°f)
Boiling point                 2759°c (5,432°)
Specific gravity            7.86(20°c)
Oxidation states          +2, +3, +4, +6
Physical Properties
Nano Fe powders are spherical high surface area metal nanostructures. The average Particle size of nanoscale Iron Particles is typically 10-250 nanometers(nm) with a specific surface area (SSA) in the 30-50 ㎡/g range. They are also available as dispersion and coating selection technical guidance. These iron nanoparticles show facile surface modification and may be attached with other nanostructures or particles with the chemical linker or chemical interactions
Chemical Properties:
The reactivity of nanoparticles is due entirely to the surface area. A large quantity of energy is stored in nanoparticles as surface-free energy. Due to this property iron nanoparticle can be beneficial in a non-oxidizing environment. Iron nanoparticles can also be used as catalysts that involve making and breaking carbon-carbon bonds. The cleavage of carbon-carbon bond is critical for an enormous number of industrially important chemical transformations
Magnetic Properties:
Nano Fe powder properties are also known as magnetic nanoparticles. Magnetic nanoparticles have been explored widely in the last decades due to a large number of applications in the areas of spintronic, biology, and medical science. Nanoparticles that are made of a Ferro-or ferromagnetic material, and below a certain size (generally 10-20 nm, can exhibit a unique form of magnetism called superparamagnetic. Since this is an important phenomenon present only in Iron nanoparticles
Applications of Iron Nanoparticles:
Used for treating industrial sites contaminated with chlorinated organic compounds.
Used in plastics, Nanowires, coatings, nanofibers, and textiles
Used in tissue repair, immunoassay, detoxification of biological fluids, hyperthermia, drug delivery, and cell separation.
In certain alloys and catalyst applications.
In magnetic data storage and resonance imaging
As a gene carrier for gene therapy.
As magnetic sensing probes for in vitro diagnostics.
As drug carriers for targeted specific drug delivery.
Nano Fe powder properties: The most promising application of these iron nanoparticles is in drug delivery They are used as carriers to deliver the drug to a specific site. Under the influence of an external magnetic field, the drug-loaded with iron nanoparticles is injected directly to the tumor site, which is also known as "Magnetic drug delivery systems".
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