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Overview of Bearings for Wind Power Industry

wallpapers News 2021-08-20
Main feature of wind power bearings:
1. The use environment is harsh
2. High maintenance cost
3. Requires long life
Production considerations for wind power bearings
1. The forging temperature should be controlled well, and the grains should not be coarse;
2. It is necessary to control the tempering process to ensure the tempered structure of its heart, so as to ensure its mechanical properties;
3. Control of the depth of the intermediate frequency quenching hardened layer on the surface;
4. Avoid micro cracks on the surface.
The principle of wind power bearing lubrication
The speed of the input shaft of the wind power gearbox is generally 10-20 rpm. Due to the relatively low speed, it is often difficult to form an oil film on the input shaft bearing, that is, the planet carrier support bearing. The function of the oil film is to separate the two metal contact surfaces when the bearing is running to avoid direct metal-to-metal contact. We can introduce a parameter λ to characterize the lubrication effect of the bearing (λ is defined as the ratio of the oil film thickness to the sum of the roughness of the two contact surfaces).
If λ is greater than 1, it means that the thickness of the oil film is sufficient to separate the two metal surfaces and the lubrication effect is good; if λ is less than 1, it means that the thickness of the oil film is not enough to completely separate the two metal surfaces and the lubrication effect is not ideal. In the case of poor lubrication, the bearing may be damaged. If λ is found to be less than 1, we generally can only improve the lubrication effect by reducing the lubricating effect or the roughness of the bearing raceways and rollers.
Supplier of Bearings for Wind Power Industry
FUWEI(LUOYANG) METALLURGY BEARING with the trademark ( FV ) is a professional manufacturer of heavy industry bearings and has office locations in Luoyang and Dalian.
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