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Overview of heejun Yang infomat, chengjunguan University, Korea: classical and quantum phases of van der Waals devices based on hexagonal boron nitride

wallpapers News 2020-12-27

in two-dimensional electronic devices h-BN as a wide b gap semiconductor material is often used for isolation purposes but with the continuous development of various innovative research h-BN layer develops more novel functions. According to the thickness function of h-BN layer the VDW heterojunction integrated with h-BN can be classified systematically. 1. The thin h-BN layer can block the thermally excited carriers but can pass through the tunneling carriers. Devices based on thin h-BN tunneling characteristics include tunneling field effect transistors LEDs resonant tunneling diodes (RTDS) single photon emission Valley electronics. 2. The medium thickness h-BN layer can be used in storage devices in which h-BN can be used as a dielectric layer to control the process of electron accumulation or the formation of metal conductive filaments. The Gr / h-BN / GR VDW heterojunction constructed by this thickness of h-BN is of great significance for studying the Bose Einstein condensation (BEC) phase of exciton: the h-BN layer is thin enough to enhance the electron electron interlayer correlation thick enough to block the tunneling current. 3. The thick h-BN layer can be used as a clean flat substrate or coating layer to improve the performance of devices such as the mobility of FET devices electroluminescence etc. can be used as a protective layer of sensitive materials. In addition due to the small difference of lattice constants between graphene h-BN the moire fringes on the interface of graphene can be used to study classical quantum states such as van Hoff singularity hofstadt butterfly. Heijun Yang team of

chengjunguan University of South Korea focused on h-BN was invited to publish a review entitled "classic quantum phases in horizontal border nitride ‐ combined van der Waals heterostructures" in infomat a new influential journal in the field of information materials launched by Wiley publishing group. According to the thickness of h-BN layer the related two-dimensional heterostructures devices are classified the latest research progress of classical phase quantum phase in VDW heterostructures < 2 nm 2-10 nm > 10 nm are discussed respectively. Specifically for tunneling layer h-BN mainly discusses tunneling LEDs quantum light emitting devices resonant tunneling devices; for medium thickness h-BN layer mainly discusses nonvolatile memory memristor exciton BEC; for thick layer h-BN mainly discusses the improvement of device performance as substrate or cover layer. The review of h-BN heterojunction is of great significance to the construction of two-dimensional heterojunction the exploration of new electronic magnetic acoustic optical quantum devices.

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