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Solar RRL: synthesis, properties and applications of two dimensional hybrid perovskites

wallpapers News 2020-08-07

organic-inorganic hybrid halide perovskite has excellent photoelectric properties low-temperature solution processability which can be manufactured on a large scale. It is considered to be the most promising light absorbing layer material in the next generation of solar cells. In the past decade it has received great attention the energy conversion efficiency (PCE) has rapidly increased from 3.8% to 25.2%. However the key problem of poor wet stability of hybrid perovskite materials restricts its large-scale industrial application. Two dimensional hybrid perovskite (2dhps) is regarded as the next generation of hybrid perovskite materials which provides a promising solution to overcome this instability problem.

Wong his collaborators from the University of California San Diego reviewed the main research topics in the field of 2dhps including material synthesis characterization photoelectric multiferroic properties defect states stability related devices applications as well as first principle calculation theoretical research. Compared with 3D hybrid perovskites (3dhps)

2dhps show some favorable material properties including high stability robustness in the presence of water reasonable performance cheap solution processability. In addition due to the size reduction 2dhps have higher structural adjustability than 3dhps such as the selection of large volume organic cations the control of layer size which makes the physical photoelectric properties of 2dhps have larger more flexible adjustment space. In

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