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Steel mills raise steel ex-factory prices, steel prices are bullish in the short term

wallpapers News 2020-03-26

Recently, many steel mills in China have successively raised their steel factory prices. The ex-factory prices of Shougang Changzhi, Hesteel Group, Shanxi's wire rods, coil screws, and rebar are raised by 3-5CNY, and the ex-factory prices of Anyang Longteng seamless pipe and Shandong Juneng are raised by 50CNY. Beijing Guoyi Line, Hegang Line, Hegang Ling Steel Jingye screw chased 20-30CNY, some Changli steel billets chase 10CNY ...... It shows that steel mills are more optimistic about the future trend, can steel prices rise in the later period?

With the gradual improvement of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in China, the situation of return to work and production in various places has been significantly improved. According to data released by the National Development and Reform Commission on the 18th, of the 533 major transportation projects dispatched by the Infrastructure Development Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, except for 23 projects in Hubei and northwestern Northeast and other provinces and regions that have not yet commenced construction, all work has been resumed; water conservancy According to the Ministry's announcement, as of March 16. there have been 93 resumptions of 110 major water conservancy projects under construction in the country, involving 26 provinces, and the rate of recovery is 84.5%; as of March 15. there are 108 projects under construction across the country. Resumption of work, the price of resumption of the project reached 93%, the cumulative number of development and technical management personnel reached 450.000; this year, all the projects planned to be put into operation have been resumed, with a rate of 100%. With the recovery of demand, strong support for steel prices has been formed, and new rebar futures and spot prices have risen.

The bearing industry, which is closely related to the steel industry, is also affected by fluctuations in steel prices. Wuxi Spark Bearing Co., Ltd said that the bearing price might increase slightly in the next three months, but the company's product prices will not be adjusted much, and it will strengthen the professionalism of customer service.

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