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What are the preparation methods of manganese trioxide

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About Manganese trioxide
Manganese trioxide is an oxide, chemical formula Mn2O3, molecular weight 157.88. Black cubic crystals. The relative density is 4.50. Insoluble in water, acetic acid and ammonium chloride solution, soluble in other inorganic acids. Soluble in cold hydrochloric acid into brown solution, in hot, dilute sulfuric acid or concentrated sulfuric acid into red solution, decomposition into MNO 2 and manganese nitrate in hot nitric acid, heating decomposition into Mn3O4 and release O2.
It exists in the form of α-Mn2O3 and γ-Mn2O3.α-type is obtained from the decomposition of nitrate, carbonate or chloride and hydride of divalent manganese by heating to 600 ~ 800℃ in air.γ-type is prepared by heating MnO2 in vacuum at 500℃ for 78 hours, or by dehydration of γ-MnO(OH). It can be used in the printing and dyeing process of cloth, in the oxidation process of carbon monoxide and organic matter, also can synthesize soft magnetic materials, or as an important base material for synthesizing lithium-ion batteries.
The preparation of alpha Mn2O3
α-Mn2O3 can be further oxidized or reduced by manganese oxides or prepared by heating divalent manganese salts in the air at 600 ~ 800℃. The simplest method is to heat manganese nitrate hexahydrate or pure β-MnO2 in the air at 650 ° C to a constant weight. When using manganese nitrate hexahydrate as raw material, it needs to be heated at 190℃ in advance to make a solid substance, and then it can be crushed and heated at 650℃.
The preparation of gamma - Mn2O3
γ-MnO(OH) was formed by adding 34mL 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and 50mL 0.2mol·dm-3 ammonia solution in 350mL solution of 2.2g manganese sulfate tetrahydrate under intense agitation. Heating the release of oxygen dark brown or black suspension boiling quickly, after boiling for 4min, filtration separation, with 1.5L of hot water to wash the solid matter, into the vacuum dryer with phosphorus pentoxide, drying at 100℃ below the γ-MnO(OH). This kind of γ-MnO(OH) under pressure at 250℃ careful dehydration for 3 days, then made of γ-Mn2O3.In addition, γ-MnO2 can also be heated at 500℃ for 78h under reduced pressure to produce γ-Mn2O3.
Manganese trioxide is an oxidant that oxidizes hydrochloric acid to chlorine gas:
Mn2O3 + 6 HCl (dilute) -- Δ→ 2 MnCl2 + Cl2↑ + 3 H2O
Reaction with concentrated sulfuric acid gives off oxygen:
2 Mn2O3 + H2SO4 (concentrated) -- Δ→ 4 MnSO4 + O2↑ + 4 H2O
Manganese trioxide can also oxidize organic matter, such as 4-fluorotoluene to 4-fluorobenzaldehyde in aqueous solution of sulfuric acid,4,4' -dimethyl-2,2' -bipyridine to 2,2' -bipyridine-4,4' -diformaldehyde, and 4-methylbenzenesulfonic acid to 4-formylbenzene sulfonic acid.
The reaction of manganese trioxide with lanthanum oxide at high temperature gives LaMNO3 in the orthogonal-crystal system, which is isomeric with GdFeO3.It can also react directly with hexafluoroacetylacetone in cyclohexane under reflux to form tri (hexafluoroacetylacetone) and manganese (III).
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