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What is Cadmium sulfide?

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What is Cadmium sulfide?
Cadmium sulfide is an inorganic substance with a chemical formula of CDs. There are two crystals, the α-form is a lemon yellow powder, and the β-form is an orange-red powder. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in acid, slightly soluble in ammonia. It can be used to make fireworks, glass glazes, enamels, luminescent materials, and pigments. High-purity cadmium sulfide is a good semiconductor, has a strong photoelectric effect on visible light, and can be used to make photoelectric tubes and solar cells. Pass hydrogen sulfide into the acid solution of cadmium salt.
The role and use of cadmium sulfide
Cadmium sulfide is mainly used for the coloring of enamel, glass, ceramics, plastics, and paint. Cadmium yellow is widely used for the coloring of enamel, glass, and ceramics. It is also used in coatings and plastics industries, as well as electronic fluorescent materials. Cadmium yellow is suitable for coloring almost all resins, and it is translucent in plastics. The light-colored cadmium yellow containing zinc sulfide is used in polyethylene, and the molding and processing time should be shortened as much as possible because zinc sulfide will promote the decomposition of polyethylene plastic and make it green. Cadmium yellow is not as stable as cadmium red in the room, and it is mostly used in indoor plastic products. Cadmium yellow should not be combined with pigments containing copper or copper salts, to avoid the formation of black copper sulfide or green copper sulfate. Cadmium yellow and blue pigments can be mixed to get green.
Preparation of cadmium sulfide
The industrial preparation of cadmium ore is leached into cadmium sulfate with sulfuric acid, adjusted to pH=3.5, and precipitated with sodium sulfide, and the pH should not be too low.
Application of cadmium sulfide
Cadmium sulfide is mainly used as a pigment. Cadmium sulfide and cadmium selenide are used in the manufacture of photoresistors, solar cells, photocatalysts, etc.
The hazards of cadmium sulfide
Cadmium sulfide can cause varying degrees of toxic reactions to the human body. In addition, in addition to being harmful to humans, cadmium sulfide can also produce adverse environmental effects and is extremely flammable and explosive.
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environmental effects and is extremely flammable and explosive.

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