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What kind of color does metal powder have?

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Definition of Metal
Any of a class of substances that have a characteristic luster but are opaque (the result of strong reflection of visible light), and are ductile and conductive to heat and electricity.
What are the commonly used metal powder?
There are aluminum powder, zinc powder, lead powder, alloy form of metal powder copper zinc powder (commonly known as gold powder), zinc aluminum powder, stainless steel powder, etc.

What is the difference between metallic pigments and other pigments?
Compared with other pigments, metal pigments have their particularities.Because powdered metallic pigments are composed of metals or alloys, they have a bright metallic luster and color.Many metal pigments are used as decorative pigments, such as copper and zinc powder, whose hue is from light gold to red gold, which makes the painted items colorful;Aluminium powder has a silvery white hue and is also used for decoration.In recent years, a new variety of aluminum powder, flash aluminum powder and transparent pigments used together, coating surface not only has metal highlights, but also colorful, decorative effect is very good;Scaly zinc powder slightly light metal light, can make the coating and the surrounding scenery mixed as one, a camouflage effect.

What is the shape of metal paint?
Most metallic pigment are flaky powder, it transferred to coating film and film forming matter, like leaves floor and paint are parallel to each other, each other, multilayer arrangement, form a barrier, metal flake blocking the film forming matter of micro hole, to prevent the harmful gas or liquid infiltration in the coating protection coating and the coated items, that is physical shielding corrosion to itIn addition to the shielding ability of zinc powder, there is also cathodic protection, a large number of zinc powder in the coating film connected to each other into a conductive layer, when the coating encountered electrochemical corrosion, because zinc than iron has a negative electrode potential difference, the first corrosion, so as to protect the steel substrate.Stainless steel powder has good chemical stability and can prevent chemical corrosion.

Does the metal powder have thermal insulation properties?
Color shallow, high gloss metallic powder and insulation ability, this kind of metal powder is hardly absorb light, reflect visible light, ultraviolet light, so also for thermal radiation, therefore, can be used to need to heat preservation, prevent light and thermal radiation of the item, such as storage of oil, gas cans, tower, metal powder can reflect more than 60% of the sunlight, ultraviolet light, so it can prevent coating by uv irradiationAging is conducive to prolonging the life of the film.

The price of the metal powder
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