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The Advantages Of Vanadium Batteries

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Vanadium powder is a silver-white metal. It is soluble in nitric acid, aqua regia and concentrated sulfuric acid. It is used as an additive for fast neutron reactor jacket materials, superconducting materials and special alloys. Need to be sealed and preserved.
Vanadium is a silver-gray metal. The melting point is 1919±2℃, which belongs to the list of rare metals with high melting point. Its boiling point is 3000-3400℃, and the density of vanadium is 6.11 grams per cubic centimeter.
Advantages of vanadium battery
Compared with other chemical power sources, vanadium batteries have obvious advantages. The main advantages are as follows:
1. High power: By increasing the number of monolithic batteries and electrode area, the power of vanadium batteries can be increased. At present, the power of vanadium batteries in commercial demonstration operation in the United States has reached 6 MW. 
2. Large capacity: By arbitrarily increasing the volume of the electrolyte, the power of the vanadium battery can be arbitrarily increased, reaching more than GWh; by increasing the concentration of the electrolyte, the power of the vanadium battery can be doubled. 
3. High efficiency: due to the high catalytic activity of the electrode of the vanadium battery, and the positive and negative active materials are stored in the positive and negative electrolyte storage tanks respectively, the self-discharge consumption of the positive and negative active materials is avoided, and the charge and discharge energy conversion efficiency of the vanadium battery As high as 75% or more, much higher than 45% of lead-acid batteries. 
4. Long life: Since the positive and negative active materials of the vanadium battery only exist in the positive and negative electrolytes, there is no phase change common to other batteries during charging and discharging. It can be discharged deeply without damaging the battery, and the battery has a long service life. At present, the vanadium battery module with the longest commercial demonstration operation time of VRBPowerSystems in Canada has been in normal operation for more than 9 years, with a charge-discharge cycle life of more than 18,000 times, which is much higher than the 1,000 times of fixed lead-acid batteries. 
5. Fast response speed: the vanadium battery stack is filled with electrolyte and can be started instantly. It only takes 0.02 seconds to switch the charge and discharge state during operation, and the response speed is 1 millisecond. 
6. Instantly rechargeable: The vanadium battery can be instantly charged by replacing the electrolyte. 
7. High safety: There is no potential explosion or fire hazard in vanadium batteries, and there is no danger even if the positive and negative electrolytes are mixed, but the temperature of the electrolyte rises slightly. 
8. Low cost: In addition to ion membranes, vanadium battery components are mostly cheap carbon materials and engineering plastics, with abundant material sources, easy to recycle, no precious metals as electrode catalysts, and low cost. 
9. Vanadium batteries have great freedom in site selection, can be fully automated and closed for operation, have no pollution, are simple to maintain, and have low operating costs.

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