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Is titanium carbide hard

What is titanium carbide?

Titanium carbide is an iron-gray crystal with a metallic gloss belonging to NaCl-type straightforward cubic framework, with a lattice constant of 0.4329 nm and a space team of Fm3m. Carbon atoms are equivalent to titanium atoms in the lattice setting, and also solid covalent bonds bond TiC atoms. Tic has some features comparable to steels, such as high melting point, boiling factor, and also hardness, the firmness is second only to diamond, and also it has great thermal as well as electrical conductivity, even revealing superconductivity at shallow temperatures.

The applications of titanium carbide

Nano-titanium carbide is made use of in aerospace parts. It has a melting factor above 3000 ℃, great high-temperature toughness, compatibility with tungsten, similar thermal development coefficient, and also a lot lower thickness than tungsten.


Titanium carbide is widely utilized in manufacturing wear-resistant products, cutting tools, mold and mildews, thawing metal crucibles, and also many other areas. Clear titanium carbide ceramics are also ideal optical materials. As well as titanium carbide abrasive in the unpleasant and abrasive industry is a suitable product to replace conventional unpleasant materials such as alumina, silicon carbide, boron carbide, and also chromium oxide. The grinding capability of nano titanium carbide approaches that of artificial rubies, which substantially minimizes the cost. It has been commonly utilized in the USA, Japan, Russia, as well as other countries. Products such as unpleasant, grinding wheels, and grinding paste made from nano titanium carbide can dramatically improve grinding performance, accuracy, and surface smoothness.


Nano-titanium carbide foam ceramic: As a filter, foam ceramic can efficiently remove incorporations in different liquids, and its filtering mechanism is frustration as well as adsorption. The chemical stability of filter materials is called for, specifically the filters made use of in the metallurgical industry need a high melting factor, so the majority of these materials are oxides as well as to adapt to the purification of molten steel, the improvement of thermal shock resistance is mainly pursued. Nano-titanium carbide foam ceramics have higher strength, solidity, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, warm resistance, and also deterioration resistance than oxide foam porcelains.

Chemical residential or commercial properties of Titanium carbide.

TiC is light grey, cubic, insoluble in water, and has high chemical stability. It barely reacts with hydrochloric acid as well as sulfuric acid, but it can be liquified in aqua regia, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, as well as alkaline oxide option.

Just how is titanium carbide made?

Taking titanium dioxide and carbon black as raw materials, high-purity titanium dioxide and carbon black are completely mixed in proportion, the completely dry powder mixture is pushed and formed, and also then decreased in a horizontal carbon tube heater or a vertical carbon tube heating system at 1900-2300 ℃ in a hydrogen atmosphere to acquire massive TiC, and then grated to obtain titanium carbide powder products. Or taking sponge titanium and carbon black as resources, completely mixing sponge titanium (or titanium scrap recouped from titanium alloy and also carbide strong service) and also carbon black in percentage, and also heating to 1500-1700 ℃ in high-purity hydrogen gas stream for reaction to get titanium carbide.

The price of Titanium carbide.

The marketplace price of Titanium carbide is impacted by various factors. Currently, its market rate is in the procedure of dynamic adjustment. If you need it, please contact us at any moment.

Titanium carbide vendor.

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Is titanium carbide hard

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