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Introduction to Nucleic Acid Extraction Methods


Introduction to Nucleic Acid Extraction Methods

Nucleic acid extraction begins by disrupting cellular structures containing genetic material - nucleic acids, ribosomes, bacteria, and viruses; this is usually accomplished by adding compatible detergents, mechanical disturbance and/or heat. As a result, several commonly used nucleic acid purification methods have emerged. Each nucleic acid isolation method is based on different biochemical principles. The choice of method depends on the desired throughput, the equipment available in the laboratory, or the desired purity. Magnetic bead separation is one of the most popular nucleic acid extraction methods today due to its scalability and automation compatibility.

DNA extraction kit / RNA purification kit (magnetic bead method)

Reliable, easy and fast extraction of high quality and high purity genomic DNA/RNA from a wide range of starting materials

Introduction to Nucleic Acid Extraction Methods

As you know, sample preparation is a relevant step in the success of your research. Therefore, genetic nucleic acid extraction kits are designed to extract from a wide range of starting materials such as blood, buccal swabs, oral saliva, tissues, cultured cells, fecal samples, plant tissues, soil samples, bacteria, yeast, plasmids, PCR mixes, agar Reliable, simple and fast purification of high quality and high purity genomic DNA/RNA from glycogel slices or serum.

Our groundbreaking and proprietary technologies improve the most common extraction methods, resulting in DNA and RNA obtained with proven optimal performance in all downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR, NGS, cloning, STR analysis or gene expression.

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As a manufacturer of our products, we can offer our customers the choice and flexibility to meet their unique needs at an affordable price. As an original manufacturer, we offer:

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Professional manufacturer of Nucleic Acid (DNA & RNA) Extraction and Analysis products supplier

GENETURE is a group company,we own two factories: Ascend and Dianrun,to provide one stop solution of Nucleic Acid Extraction and Analysis,including solution for COVID-19. Geneture provides high quality and professional Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagents, Lab consumables, Real-time PCR consumables and test machines. 

GENETURE main products including: Nucleic acid extraction or purification kit,Automatic nucleic acid extractor, PCR system, PCR kit, Magnetic beads, and lab consumables of 96 well deep plate,Magnetic rod comb,PCR tube,PCR plate,Pipette tips,centrifuge tubes. 

Geneture's PCR amplification systems feature the latest technological advances, providing greater accuracy and reproducibility in nucleic acid amplification for genomic experiments. Product lines include real-time PCR systems, PCR reagents, and plastic products (PCR plates and PCR tubes). If you have any questions about PCR, feel free to contact us.


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