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What is FBA Amazon?


What is FBA?

The full name of FBA shipping is fulfillment by FBA Amazon, which refers to the warehousing and distribution services provided by Amazon, including warehousing, packaging, distribution, collection and after-sales services. In one sentence: Amazon provides one-stop services such as warehousing and consignment business.

FBA is short for fulfillment by Amazon. It means the consignment business provided by Amazon warehouse. Amazon FBA means that the seller needs to prepare the goods to the warehouse designated by Amazon in advance. Once a buyer places an order, Amazon will automatically send it directly to the customer from the local warehouse, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid delivery to the customer. The payment received by FBA will reach the seller in 14 days. FBA first trip: refers to the logistics transportation, related customs clearance, tax payment and other businesses from domestic shipment (by sea, air, international express...) to the goods entering Amazon FBA warehouse, which can be sold on the shelves.

What is FBA Amazon?

What are the advantages of Amazon FBA?

1. Improve the browsing volume and transaction rate of the store.

First of all, buyers will give priority to items delivered by Amazon when purchasing items, just as we give priority to JD when shopping on JD. Moreover, Amazon will give priority to the products delivered by itself. If the products are the same and the delivery methods are different, FBA will rank higher than self delivery.

2. Fast delivery.

Generally speaking, it will arrive the next day or two days later. FBA warehousing and logistics center is generally built near the airport, so the transportation speed is fast.

3. Unconditionally delete the medium and bad reviews on logistics and maintain the good indicators of the store.

This does not refer to comments on the review, but comments on logistics and transportation on the feedback.

4. Within the standard size, products with a unit price of more than $300 are exempted from all FBA expenses.

In other words, your product is a high-value small item, and Amazon logistics will not charge you additional logistics distribution fees.

5. 24-hour, 7-day, year-round online customer service.

This is for the buyer. When there is a problem with the product or the customer service needs to be consulted, ensure that the customer's problem can be solved at the first time.

DDPFORWORLD-Professional Amazon FBA shipping freight forwarder in China

Do You Need Freight Forwarders? DDP for World is a full-service and shipping forwarder dedicated to assisting our clients in focusing and growing their businesses.

Our background and experience allows us to advise you on the quickest, safest, most cost-effective route to get your cargo shipped to Amazon. We take care of all the paper documents. All shipping and palletization will follow Amazon’s packing requirements, save cost and lower the risk for you.

We know Amazon’s regulations and packing & shipping guidelines very well, and keep up with changes as they happen, so we will make sure that your order is packed, labelled and shipped as required to be accepted by Amazon. If you have any questions or needs about FBA shipping, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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