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Why boron carbide has high hardness

What is boron carbide?

Boron carbide, also known as black diamond, is a not natural material with the formula B ₄ C, typically grey-black powder. It is among the three hardest known materials (after ruby and also cubic boron nitride) as well as is used in tank armour, body armour and numerous industrial applications. It has a hardness of concerning 9.5 on the Mohs range. Boron carbide is insoluble in water as well as natural solvents, has solid chemical stability, is resistant to acid as well as alkali rust, as well as hardly responds with all acid as well as alkali remedies. Boron carbide additionally has the complying with qualities: it has a large thermal neutron capture area as well as strong neutron absorption capacity, so it is called a neutron absorber; It has semiconductor properties.

What is boron carbide used for? Boron carbide is a rigid fabricated material, second just to ruby and also cubic boron nitride. The crystalline framework of boron carbide is hexagonal crystals. The density is 2.52 g/cm3. The melting factor is 2450 ° C, as well as when the temperature surpasses 2800 ° C, it quickly disintegrates as well as volatilizes. Boron carbide is immune to acid, alkali deterioration is not wetted with most liquified steels, as well as has extremely high chemical stability. Boron carbide can withstand air oxidation at 1000 ° C, however it is conveniently oxidized above 900 ° C in an oxidizing ambience. Boron carbide powder has an extremely high grinding ability, greater than 50% of the grinding capability of silicon carbide, 1 ~ 2 times higher than the grinding capacity of corundum. It is an exceptional grinding product and also wear-resistant material.

Furthermore, the solid chemical security of boron carbide makes it immune to high temperatures and also armour-piercing bullet penetration, thus playing a bulletproof function, typically used as bulletproof finishing finishings as well as bulletproof ceramic products. It is likewise made use of as an antioxidant, such as an additive in refractory magnesia carbon blocks and also iron hook castable, under specific oxidizing atmosphere problems, creating a safety layer of carbonaceous products, stopping the excessive oxidation of carbonaceous products, thereby expanding the service life of refractory materials.

Why is boron carbide so hard?

Boron carbide is one of the typically utilized products for body armour, and it is a very tough material 2nd just to diamond as well as cubic boron nitride. Its crystal structure is primarily orthorhombic hexahedrons, as well as its special crystal framework creates a strong covalent bond. This crystal framework determines that boron carbide has exceptional physical and also chemical buildings such as extremely firmness, high melting point, reduced density, reduced thermal expansion coefficient, high wear resistance, etc. This is why boron carbide has a high hardness.

Is boron carbide harmful to the human body?

Boron carbide is frequently called artificial diamond, as well as according to present responses, it has not been found to position a threat to the body. Specifically in making anti-neutron radiation fibers, boron substances, heavy metal compounds, and also polypropylene are blended as well as rotated to make natural leather core anti-neutron and anti-X-ray fibres. The boron carbide material in the string can reach 35%, as well as the fibre strength can come to 23-27CN/ tex. The breaking prolongation can obtain 20-40%, can be processed right into knitted fabrics, woven textiles and also nonwovens utilized around the atomic energy reactor, and also can make the neutron radiation protection securing rate reach greater than 44%.

The rate of boron carbide

The market price of boron carbide powder is influenced by numerous variables. Currently, its market value is in the process of dynamic adjustment. If you require it, please contact us at any moment.

Boron carbide powder distributor

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