Revolutionary building material additive: animal protein concrete foaming agent

Recently, a study on animal protein concrete foaming agents has attracted widespread attention. This new type of building material additive is known as a “revolutionary” in the construction industry for its unique properties and wide application prospects.

(Concrete Foaming Agent)

Animal protein concrete foaming agent is specially processed from animal protein. It improves concrete performance and enhances buildings’ safety and durability by introducing tiny bubbles into concrete. The emergence of this foaming agent has brought huge changes to the construction industry.

It is understood that animal protein concrete foaming agent, an epoch-making building material additive, has been successfully developed. Adding this foaming agent to concrete significantly improves the building’s compressive and crack resistance, thereby greatly extending the building’s service life.

The application prospects of this innovative achievement are very broad. In terms of preparing thermal insulation materials, animal protein concrete foaming agents can significantly improve the material’s thermal insulation and sound insulation properties, providing people with a more comfortable living environment. In road engineering, applying this foaming agent can effectively reduce the occurrence of road cracks and improve the safety and durability of the road.

Nanotrun concrete foaming agent

Construction sector

In constructing buildings, villas, commercial buildings, etc., concrete foaming agents can be used in the fields of exterior wall insulation, insulation materials, roof or ground insulation, etc. They can also be used in the production process of precast concrete components.

Insulation Materials

Animal protein concrete foaming agents can prepare insulation materials, such as foam concrete panels, foam concrete, etc. These materials have excellent heat insulation properties and can effectively diminish the energy consumption of buildings and contribute to building energy conservation.

Road works

In road engineering, animal protein concrete foaming agents can improve concrete exhibition and increase road pressure resistance and durability. In addition, the application of this foaming agent can also reduce the occurrence of road cracks and improve road safety.

(Concrete Foaming Agent)

Water conservancy project

Animal protein concrete foaming agents are also used in water conservancy projects, such as in waterproof and protective layers of water conservancy facilities. This foaming agent can improve waterproof performance and durability, extending the service life of water conservancy facilities.

Concrete foaming agent supplier

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