Regarding the Australian mine’s move to reduce or even suspend production, most industry people believe it may continue to expand.

CITIC Securities pointed out that the production reduction and suspension of Australian mines were an important reason for the last round of lithium prices to stop falling. Australian lithium mines significantly impact lithium supply due to their supply scale and flexible production and marketing strategies. The current round of Australian mine production reduction and suspension does not rule out further expansion. Possible.

Galaxy Securities analyzed that the recent suspension of production at some Australian lithium mines indicates that this round of falling lithium prices has begun to penetrate the cost line of spodumene mining companies. Suppose lithium prices fall further in the future. In that case, more solid lithium mining companies are expected to suspend production or delay the progress of new production capacity, thereby shrinking the supply side to support the bottom lithium price, completing the bottoming and clearing of the industry.

With poor lithium prices, Australian mines have reduced or suspended production to reduce their losses and boost the price of sluggish lithium carbonate.

Regarding Greenbush Mine’s move to reduce production and change its pricing model, the China Merchants Futures Research Report pointed out that the reason was that downstream market demand was lower than expected.

Due to the slowdown in global economic growth and adjustments to new energy vehicle policies in some regions, electric vehicle sales’ growth rate has slowed, resulting in a weakened demand for lithium carbonate.

The price of lithium carbonate has been on a roller coaster, falling rapidly from a peak of nearly 600,000 yuan/ton in 2022 to 180,000 yuan/ton, then temporarily stabilizing for 300,000 yuan/ton and finally entering a downward channel.

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